e-commerce content list

The package comes with an encryption SSL certificate so you can provide secure transaction to your online store. 

A robust shopping cart is part of the e-commerce package and it is configured upon delivery.  

A sells tax collection module is part of the e-commerce package. It is not enable by default but we can configure it for you upon request. 

Accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, and Discover through Wood Commerce or PayPal and Stripe.

You can choose from a list of delivery companies like UPS, FedEx, USPS or enter a fix shipping cost. All ready to be connected.

Inventory management is configure upon request for those store who sell tangible good to the public, 

Use the lite CRM modules that comes with the package or link your store to Sales force. Everything you needs is ready for you. 

Choose from multiple Vendor role settings including Vendor Admin (has access to all vendor settings) and Vendor Manager (limited access, can’t see sales tax or other settings).

The Backoffice has an intuitive interphase filled with all of the elements you will need to manage your ecommerce site.   

Search Engine Optimization is essential to any successful eCommerce businesses and is part of the package by default. 

The package comes with two backup modules. Backup to your local PC, Google Storage, OneDrive, or any other cloud provider. The choice is yours

Newsletters are a powerful and popular way to directly reach audiences with your content, and are included by default in the installation.

Emails are a key piece of your order fulfillment process. They update customers on order status, provide policy and return information, and encourage repeat sales. It is a default option ready for use.

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Run report on Orders, Customers, Stock, and Taxes. All are preconfigured right out the box and ready for use. 

You can design anything for your ecommerce store like leading big marketing places you know. The theme has huge scope to take your UI/UX to next level with ease. – Included –

Creating and customizing multiple forms like registration or customer feedback is never been easier. All you need is already included with the package.


We use WordPress, WooCommerce, and multiple templates and plugins that work flawlessly in a cohesive e-commerce unit. You will receive the license and keys for all of the assets used on the project.

The front-end user, the shop, is where your customer browses your products and services.

The layout has an inviting fluidity so your customer can appreciate your products while at the same time cross-sell and upselling across other similar categories and product lines.

Initially, we set up the layout for you, but you have complete control of the looks and feel through the back office. You can add, change or remove whole sections based on your needs and desires. Its simplicity comes from the ease-to-use user interphase and the extensive testing to ensure each module works well.

Additionally, your customer can feel safe shopping at your e-commerce store thanks to the SSL/TLS secure certificate. The SSL/TLS included with the package. It covers the domain name stated in the e-commerce package and its usage.

Once an item is selected, placed in the shopping basket, and the visitor is ready to checkout, the process is straightforward and fast.

The customer can still modify the basket in the shopping cart, including entering the payment method and adding shipping information if needed.

The rest of the security is handled by your gateway provider. We currently can set up PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, and Square Space, to mention a few.

The package also comes with an initial consultation. Here, we gather all the necessary information to create a fully working e-commerce site. We will set up the first product page, required categories, and tags for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

We will also provide you with a training video on how to use your e-commerce site and a pdf outlining the feature-rich wealth package that will answer your questions. Additionally, it comes with two months of extra email support for all questions not covered by the training material.



We configure most, if not all, of your e-commerce site for you. However, we need some information to do so.

1) – Company information.
    • We will need your company name(if any), address, and desired contact information, such as the email and phone number you want your customer to use to reach you for sales, billing, and support. 
2) – Resources:
    • You will need a domain name for your virtual company. A domain name is like google, yahoo, or msnbc.com, to name a few. If you do not have one, we will help you go through the process of getting a domain name for your business during our initial consultation. 
    • You also will need a hosting company. A hosting company is where your virtual company resides 24x7x365 for your potential customer to access and use. We can recommend a few places if you do not have one. 
    • If you already have a hosting provider, we need them to run the PHP scripting language at version 7.5 or better and use the database MySQL 5.6 or greater or MariaDB 10.1 or greater. 
    • Let us know if you already have a website and intend to integrate e-commerce services. Not all websites are the same, and not all website technology can be mixed and matched successfully. 
    • Our e-commerce solution runs on a WordPress installation enhanced by Woo Commerce and multiple third-party templates and plugins that work seamlessly together. We can integrate our e-commerce solution with existing websites. However, we go on a case-by-case basis to keep high quality and deliver the product promptly. 
3) – Legal requirements:
    • Part of having virtual e-commerce is to comply with some regulations.
      1. Have a terms and conditions page
      2. Have a policy page
      3. Have a return policy page. This page is a requirement from Woo Commerce to comply with many consumer regulation laws across North America, Canada, and Europe.
      4. Let us know what service you use for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. 
    • We can assist you with any or all of the above legal requirements upon request. However, it is your responsibility, and you must check with your attorneys about any legal matters.
4) – Product or service items.
    • Have a description of the product or service (each).
    • Physical products require a picture on a white/neutral background.
    • We need the selling price, shipping channels, and payment gateway(s) you intend to use, as we will enable them in the setup process.
    • Let us know if you intend to collect sale taxes. If you do, we will enable the feature for you.